Hydrogeochemistry / Hydrogeology Specialists

Providing our clients with expertise and guidance on:

  • Groundwater and Surface Water Quality (chemistPiperPlot1ry)
  • Water quality issues and concerns
  • Identifying source and fate of potential water contaminants
  • Conducting water quality investigations
  • Water testing recommendations (sampling location, geochemistry, bacteria, contaminants, water quality testing labs)
  • Rationale for water sampling and analysis procedures
  • Geochemical and hydrogeological data interpretation and reporting
  • Using isotope geochemistry for water quality investigations
  • Identifying spacial and temporal geochemical trends
  • Formation water fingerprinting
  • Identifying geochemical processes affecting water quality (water-rock interactions, redox conditions, biochemical reactions, water mixing, evaporation)
  • Geochemical modeling
  • Aquifer characterization
  • Identifying groundwater flow patterns
  • Proposal and report writing / assistance
  • Technical review 
  • Mentoring and developing junior professionals

Bow_resizedWe service the following sectors:

Oil and Gas Industry, Agriculture, Environmental Firms, Government Agencies and Private Landowners

For further information regarding consulting and contract work:

Email us: consulting@hydrogeochem.ca

Phone: (403) 561-3074


Water Quality Specialists