Water Quality Testing for Private Water Wells

Water Quality Specialists providing Private Water Well Owners guidance and expertise on:


  • Drinking Water Quality (water wells, tap water, other sources)
  • Chemical Analysis Interpretation of household water supply
  • Groundwater and Surface water quality¬†problems and concerns
  • Suspected water contamination and investigation
  • Water quality testing recommendations
    • what to test for (chemicals, bacteria, suspected contaminants)
  • Water sampling procedures
    • what to test for;
    • how to properly collect a water sample;
    • what sample bottles you will need;
    • which water quality testing laboratory;
    • how to get the water sample to the laboratory
  • Interpreting water quality lab results
  • Guidance on how to respond to contamination
    • what to do if your well water is not potable (safe to drink).

For further information regarding water quality consulting:

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